Spam Tocino for real …. @smsupermalls


There’s been so much fuss about the SPAM® Tocino that I’ve become one of those rabidly curious about it. Perhaps, Hormel (the manufacturer) has finally recognized the Philippines’ clout as a Spam-eating nation that it has decided to make a Spam flavor in our honor…it could have been adobo! haha.

Acting on a tip from fellow blogger Mommy Peach, I went to SM Hypermarket (Sucat) last night to check out the availability of Spam Tocino and found it glistening in tin can glory in the shelves. O hai…it’s not a hoax after all! I immediately bought three cans at Php105 each :)

Unboxed. Or should I say…un-canned! :)

Special instructions for cooking at the back.

Unlike other Spam variants, Spam Tocino needs to be simmered a bit in water until liquid is reduced. If you want it healthier or less greasy, you don’t need to add oil anymore and just wait for the water to reduce or dry a bit then caramelize. But the caramelization wasn’t what I expected like in the real tocino.

Here’s the end-product. This is what we had for merienda in the office today, along with pan de sal and some scrambled eggs.

Verdict: the Spam Tocino didn’t strike me as outstanding at first bite. The original Spam has sharper, more distinctive taste. But I liked the Tocino the more I tasted its mild sweet flavor but I think it’s better to be eaten on its own and of course a little crisp, without rice or bread. It’s worth the taste if only because of the novelty. At only 105 pesos, what is there to lose?

Besides, pay attention to these two words: Limited Edition 😉 Who knows it may not be around for long.


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