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God only knows how beach-deprived I am! My childhood in the Visayas where our house was only two minutes from the sea is now just a dream. From Manila, I now have to drive three hours away just to have a glimpse of sand…and it’s not even white 🙂

The day before Easter, I found myself cruising the deserted highways with my three girls to get out of town. Yes, you heard it: there was no traffic in the roads and it felt surreal. I guess this happens in overcrowded Metro Manila only once a year!

And how adventurous can it be when you have no hotel booking and no itinerary… just gas in the car and hoping you’d end up somewhere decent?

So this is how we found ourselves in the diver’s paradise called Anilao, Batangas. Admittedly, I chose Anilao because I haven’t been here and am not a diver!

It takes some Googling to realize that beach resorts are a-plenty in Anilao.


We stopped in a few but backed out at the first sound of loud karaoke. Finally, I saw the sign of Eagle Point Resort and decided to check it out because I saw it on the internet. The driveway was long & winding…I thought I’d never reach the end. LOL



The first thing a guest sees upon entry were the reception area and the restaurant. I immediately fell in love with the sight of the sea …

View from Eaglepoint

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