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Mother’s Day came early to me. It happened last May 3, instead of May 11. The invite came from the friendly folks of Nido Fortified Milk and I made sure I attended because….ehem…. all my children are Nido drinkers.

I tagged along two of my daughters to the event. The mommies were brought for some pampering at the Blue Water Day Spa in Greenhills while the kiddies were entertained in a nearby restaurant. Fair enough.

Blue Water

It was my first time at Blue Water. I didn’t know they had this really comfy plush seats for relaxing while you’re having a foot spa. The whole idea was to be in a theater setting. We watched this delightful movie called “Friends with Kids” – it’s about two best friends who are in a platonic relationship but are parents to a child. Interesting plot, and there was even Megan Fox in a supporting role 🙂

After the pampering session, we didn’t know the surprise that awaited us. We were led in blindfolds to the resto where our kids were waiting for us. It was truly touching to finally see them holding flowers and saying ‘I love you Mom.’ Then everyone’s mood turned to joyful when the confetti was released.

Nido #1Mom

I treasure this personalized Bench shirt. Most especially because it’s in Medium and I can now fit in it, LOL.

Statement shirt

Lucia even found a few friends among the kids of fellow mom bloggers

Lucy & friends

It was an event that truly warmed the heart. Thank you Nido for the lovely surprise!

Free Wear Your Love shirts may be availed by purchasing specially marked packs of NIDO Fortified or NIDO 3+ and redeemed at select Bench branches in Metro Manila. For more details visit www.facebook.com/nidofortified.ph.

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