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There has been two hacking attempts on this site in six days…the first was last Sunday when we saw only a white space every time the blog loaded. The second attempt happened last night.

Whoever you are, give up already. You can’t put an avid blogger down! 😉

Maintenance is now in progress as a result. I would like to thank my ever-efficient US-based web host Laughing Squid and this blog’s web admin (my legal husband Mr. Z) for their kind and swift assistance 🙂

The previous WordPress theme has been disabled because a bad script was probably used by the hacker(s) to get in. Same with the installed plug-ins. I guess you can say am an unhappy WordPress user right now, as I’ve been eternally unhappy with all the spam comments getting in (can’t even wade properly through legit ones). Am not sure if my friends using Blogspot are experiencing these same problems. They seem to be in a better place!

Anyway, people always ask what security measures can be taken to prevent your blog being hacked. There are many ways to protect yourself, here are just some I can think of:

1. Make sure you can trust your web hosting provider 101%.

2. Check reviews of your installed WP theme and plug-ins for security bugs.

3. Back up all your files!

4. Change your passwords, even the access to your Google accounts and the email address used to access your FTP client.

5. Never use “admin” as your default username for the WP panel. Think of something stronger.

6. Do everything to keep your site secure. Treat it like a treasure. As if it isn’t any obvious, this blog is my PET, almost like my child. I can’t just say goodbye to 10 years of writing and 1,850 blog posts. 10 years and four vicious hacking attempts later, I can’t be daunted 😉

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