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Last week I received a very unique gift: a figure that was Uri Geller-inspired with bended spoons and forks to compose the human body. It was contained in a box that lit up when you press the button but the most part exciting of all: it contained the Happyplus card!


I’ve been offered this card before for only P100 but never got around to it because I was too lazy to fill up the form. But of course that was a misconception because one can register online too! Just look at the treats inside the Happyplus welcome kit –

Happyplus coupons

Happyplus card is the Philippines’ first cashless payment system for a fastfood chain initiated by the Jollibee group (also the country’s biggest). Members who sign up can use their cards to pay cash-less at Jollibee, Chowking, Red Ribbon and Greenwich. Moreover, they can accumulate points that generate rewards and be able to join members-only raffle draws with as much as P100,000 grand prize every month.

I’ve been using the Happy Plus card the past few days where I just tap it on a machine at the counter, when dining at Jollibee for example. I must say it’s really useful and hassle-free because I don’t have to scrounge around my overcrowded wallet for cash.

As a mom, I can recommend this too since the kids always prefer to eat fastfood when at the mall. And my family is a frequent diner at Jollibee and Greenwich.

Lucia and her favorite spaghetti –

Jollibee spaghetti with Lucy

What’s good about this is that every P50 purchase at any of the four mentioned fastfood chains gets 1 point. When one has accumulated enough purchase points, you can exchange this for free food at Jollibee, Chowking, Red Ribbon & Greenwich!

There are also monthly freebies in-store (like free dessert) and one can also now use the card at Caltex gas stations. Every P100 worth of gas gets 1 point.

Members can easily check their points and their balance online, or when the Official Receipt is issued at the store. For online registration, visit www.happyplus.com.ph

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