in Katipunan: Tokyo Bubble Tea + Honeybee Patisserie!


As a Southern belle, I really don’t mind going to the far North if it means checking out a place I haven’t tried. After the biking trip around UP campus, I cruised around Katipunan Avenue which is a whirl of cozy coffeeshops and restos, some of which can only be found here! (Hmmm, I obviously didn’t hang out or study in UP, Ateneo or Miriam – being from the Dominican university in Sampaloc, haha).

One traffic-less Sunday along C5 road found me entering this cool-looking building on Katipunan: Tokyo Bubble Tea which also shares the same spot as Honeybee Patisserie. Delicious milk tea and desserts in one place..what more could you want?

The interiors are really perfect for killing time on a lazy day. We sat on this homey spot…

As it was lunch time, my daughters ordered rice toppings. From the Tokyo Bubble Tea menu, Dionne ordered beef gyudon, a complete meal in itself with fresh egg, veggies, glass noodles and of course, tender beef slices (P195 per serving)

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