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Sigh. A drive to Quezon City really feels like an out-of-town trip for me. But there’s always one good reason why I’d take the pains to go from South to North…F-O-O-D! 🙂

This time, our bunch of eaters decided to invade The Buffet in Commonwealth Avenue. First impression of the place: it’s huge! (I learned this was a Nissan showroom before)

The Buffet

There’s also a spiral staircase which leads to a second level where they hold big functions and events. This upper floor offers a free venue for weddings, baptisms, birthdays and the like for as long as you have the celebration catered by the resto.

The Buffet

I actually Googled the resto prior to going and saw mixed reviews. But we talked to the charming manager Cathy and she told us that they’ve introduced changes which should make the place more exciting. I like the new concept of the food being cooked as you order. Just because this is buffet doesn’t mean the dishes should go cold and dry on me.

When you go to The Buffet, I recommend first checking out the BBQ & Teppanyaki section. There’s a nice selection of marinated meats that can be grilled to your liking. The beef bulgogi was really flavorful. I also chose chicken teriyaki and curried squid barbecue on this plate (meant for sharing, LOL)

Bulgogi etc


Juned tipped me off about the beef tenderloin steak which you can request to be grilled to your liking from the cook. It paired well with the cajun potatoes and gravy…

Beef tenderloin

Buffet tip no.1. Don’t eat a major meal prior to eating. I was so hungry after the long drive and was in the mood for this sushi roll. It tasted as delish as it looked…

Sushi roll

More selections in the sushi and sashimi section…

The Buffet

Here was my second plate: mixing Chinese (yang chow fried rice) with Japanese (tempura) and Filipino (kare kare). Am weird that way! … Okay, there’s also a tiny bit of Korean sweet & sour pork.


Going for the shabu-shabu station is always a good choice because who can resist a hot filling soup? They have individual stoves on the tables. Their selection of ingredients is also not wanting, though I think they need to have choices for the dipping sauces too.

Shabu shabu station

With the pasta station, your favorite Italian noodles can also be cooked in front of you…just choose your toppings and sauces. But I skipped this.

The Buffet

Instead, I had a crepe made with a filling of bananas and mangoes.

Crepe station

The oysters looked tempting, but I had dessert already


This was the dessert bar. My companions were saying the brazo mercedes was yummy.

Dessert bar

There were other things I skipped on such as the salad bar, the cheeses, the pizza and the one where they had ready-made food in chafing dishes.

Their free drinks include soda, fruit shakes, fruit juices, iced tea and brewed coffee.

Here’s The Buffet price list for June 2014:

Weekday Lunch – P538
Weekday Dinner – P588
Weekends & holidays – P688

For a buffet of this cheap price, it’s best to temper expectations when you visit. But I thought the “hot items” such as the grilled BBQ and shabu-shabu were really worth it.

Website: www.thebuffet.com.ph
Address: #41 Commonwealth Avenue
Diliman, Quezon City

Tel. Nos. 351-5536, 352-4075

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