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Blue Bay Walk is the newest resto & shopping strip developed by Federal Land along Macapagal Avenue in Pasay City. It’s across the street from Blue Wave and the best thing is there’s no parking fee (yet!) when you hang around the area. Blue Bay Walk gained repute because of its two most popular restos, The Food Club buffet and Project Pie. But there are other establishments as well like BonChon, Army Navy, Papa John’s Pizza, Angel N Kiss (a Korean bakery), Chef J. Tesoro’s Mini Pies & Tarts, Curry Bee, Kimono Ken and others.

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken, a franchise from Taiwan, is one of the joints packing the crowds at the moment. Maybe because you can have a filling meal here for less than P150. Mostly I like the blue interiors which were fashioned out of container vans.

Hot Star


This is Hot Star’s BBQ flavored chicken slab (P125) and I guess the photo doesn’t do justice to how big it is in real, LOL. The cashier said the standard size of the chicken fillet, when cooked is 12 inches. She added that BBQ large fried chicken is one of their bestsellers but I found the breading too chewy and the barbecue taste needed to have more oomph.

Bbq large fried chicken

There are two other chicken variants available: Crispy Large (breading-based) and Original Large (batter-based). I prefer the latter because I can really taste the flavorful marination of the meat. Both are priced at P110 and for an additional P35 you can add rice & a drink

Fried chicken fillet

Note: their cup of rice is small so you’re bound to order more, considering the size of the chicken which can be shared by two people. Yes, the large fried chicken can be halved because I figure it’s more than two servings of McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Fillet 🙂

The Chicken Popcorn (P95) was too dry and forgettable. This resto needs to have spicy sauces to be included in the menu… well, why not?


BTW, at Hotstar, it’s gravy all you can. If you have leftover food, they will let you wrap it on your own for takeaway.

Aside from fried chicken, their menu also includes Crispy Fish (cream dory), chicken sandwich, fish sandwich, spaghetti and the usual chicken side dishes like mashed potato and French fries. Oh wait, they also sell chicken skin!! (P45 a serving) For dessert, they have Ice Crush and soft serve cone.

Note: Fried chicken chop is considered street food in Taiwan where it originated. It’s chicken breast specially cut so that it becomes a slab, usually flavored with five spice powder and other seasonings. Unlike the milk tea, I think the whole Taiwan fried chicken conept is still to take off in the Philippines. I would go back to Hot Star to satiate my usual fried chicken cravings in a BIG way but otherwise nothing spectacular (well, it’s fastfood!)

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