Dessert du jour: the Rogue Magnum

The lines are still long during peak hours at the Make Your Own Magnum bar in SM Aura and for those who don’t have much patience to queue up, we recommend a move to the Magnum Cafe proper where at least you can sit down in comfortable couches and relish the full line up of dishes on the menu, which doesn’t just include desserts!

But yes, Magnum Manila will always be known for its desserts. In the past week, we were lucky enough to taste The Rogue Magnum – the latest creation by chef Miko Aspiras to entice the sweet-toothed. The word ‘rogue’ may connote something negative (like rogue senators in jail, lol), but it is just so named because it is the pop-up resto’s collaboration with premier lifestyle magazine Rogue.

So here it is. Happiness in a jar, described by the chef himself as “composed of a light cashew meringue with mascarpone mousseline, topped with fresh strawberries and drizzled with fig-flavored Crema del Duca balsamic cream.” A vanilla Magnum bar dipped in Belgian white chocolate is perched atop the tub, which is then topped with “freeze-fried strawberries and shards of salty almonds.”

Magnum Rogue

We know you want it! 🙂

The Rogue Magnum is rather luxurious at P440 but it’s understandable all the premium ingredients in it, like the strawberries and mascarpone cheese. It is really filling too. I loved the blending of flavors which alternated between sweet and tart, creamy and crunchy. The spoon ended up making a sound as I scraped the bottom of my little jar with almost nothing left. This dessert is rather epic!

Anyway, here are the other delicious stuff we’ve eaten at Magnum Cafe ever since it opened:

The fondue is good to order,especially if you have two or more people sharing. My kids had a great time dipping the marshmallows, fruits, brownies and other yummy toppings in the chocolate sauce.

Fondue at Magnum Manila

Their carbonara pasta (P380) hits the spot.The yummy factor is further levelled up with the addition of perfectly poached egg and crispy bacon strips.

Carbonara pasta

My seatmates had the steak but I was more in the mood for this Seared Salmon with Baris Creme and Chorizo Confit (P500++) – a good choice if you want something healthy and light.

Salmon dish

Great before eating your mains: creamy pumpkin soup.

Pumpkin soup

A meal in itself: the Asian Steak Salad (P430) has this ample cuts of grilled steak, wonton crisps, candied nuts and honey dressing.

Salad #MagnumManila

Magnum Cafe Manila
5/F Sky Park
SM Aura Premier
Bonifacio Global City

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  1. Matthew Zoglmann says

    I dunno..ten bucks for an ice cream bar dessert? Guess I’m too cheap for that. Still trying to make up my mind about the deconstructed carbonara. Interesting.