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This is just our wild guess.

Insiders prefer to stay on the safe side by saying the much-awaited opening of H&M’s first branch in the Philippines at the SM Mega Fashion Hall will be “in the third quarter.” I guess it really all depends on the speed and progress of the preparations for the maiden store.

In the meantime, there was the a preview of the Autumn-Winter Collection for the media recently at H&M’s permanent showroom in Makati City. Autumn and winter? Unfortunately, we don’t have those seasons but the pieces are stylish enough to be worn anywhere, where you see fit. Besides, whatever happened to wearing these abroad, in cooler climes?


Some of us don’t even have to go too far. The airconditioning in the office is cold enough 😉


Love the sleek lines of this dress, and it looks classy.


Footwear and accessories –



Anyway, when out of the country, I make it a point to shop at H&M because their pieces are fashionable without breaking the bank.

Love the quirky touches, like the bananas all over this sweatshirt. Yellow on black is attractive too.

banana sweatshirt

My officemates liked this black jacket with geometric lines and I told them I just scored it at H&M for something like $40!


I always make it a point to look at the Kids’ Section too. I hope they have a good selection for kids at the H&M Megamall store. Here’s some cute H&M stuff I bought for my daughter Lucia the past few months.

lucia's minnie mouse outfit

Mickie & Minnie

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