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Like any resident of this Big Bad City, I have a love-hate relationship with Manila. My hatred for its chaos and viciousness at times outweighing my love for it. But beautiful places within the city make me keep the faith and believe that yes… perhaps, there’s hope for this seemingly hopeless place 🙂

My love affair with Manila was rekindled as we discovered this new restaurant called Raffaele Woodfired Pizza on the 3rd floor of the The Bayleaf hotel. First thing to love about this place: the ambiance. Plush chairs in bright colors complementing the view of the lush gardens and the Spanish-era fortresses that make Intramuros such a historic area.


View of the walls

Props to the management for choosing an all-glass concept for the wall and ceiling of the resto. This used to be the hotel veranda. The view is simply precious, and I caught a glimpse of the Manila City Hall from the rain-speckled window.

Manila City Hall

After relishing our surroundings, it was now time to enjoy the food. We were first served the complimentary focaccia bread, and thanks to the chef for including their homemade ricotta cheese to go with it.

Foccacia with cheese

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