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Oishi’s Make Your Own Snack event at the Glorietta 2 Activity Center was the highlight of our July 6 weekend. A few days before, I received the official invite which was in the form of a personalized giant sack filled with Oishi goodies. Who can resist? It was taller than my 4-year old daughter 🙂


On that Sunday itself, my kids were more excited than me. It was because they knew that their crushes, Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo were going to be there.I can’t tell you enough how popular this celebrity tandem is, and it’s good that they’re Oishi endorsers. Glorietta 2 was filled to the max with poster-toting, screaming fans!

This was the crowd when people were just starting to arrive in the venue…

Glorietta 2

Okay, here it is: Kathniel! They did a song number.


The five members of Team O on stage (from left): Slater Young, Daniel, Kathryn, Elmo Magalona and Ramon Bautista.

Team O

There were other celebrities as well (because Oishi makes sure their events are celebrity studded!)

The twins had a pic with Billy Joe Crawford

with Billy Joe Crawford

…and then with the sultry Rhian Ramos.

with Rhian Ramos

Colleen Garcia and the gang…


Later on, Dionne had a precious photo op with the most popular heartthrob at present, Daniel Padilla. I think this moment is the highlight of her year! Me hug pa talaga! 🙂

Dionne with Daniel

Paolo’s photo with Kathryn earned him 165 likes on Facebook. LOL

with Kathryn

Lucia was the only one clueless about the celebrities present. She only cares about Sofia The First, Princess Anna and Princess Elsa. Hahaha. So we had fun in the trampoline which was also installed in the venue.


She also played with Bianca’s cute baby…

The babies

There was also an ice cream booth which you can top with Oishi’s delicious sweets like Wafu cream-filled wafer sticks.My youngest couldn’t have enough of it


The Make Your Own Snack booth was equally fun because we got to customize our chosen Oishi snacks with a variety of toppings like barbecue, cheese, wasabi and nori.

Finally, we got to take home another giant bag. I made sure I filled it with Choco Chug, Smart C and all the snacks. Fun, fun, fun.


Thank you Oishi (and Bridges PR) for a spectacular, snacktacular event!

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