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Friends and kin have been asking if my little family is fine in the aftermath of typhoon Glenda.

We have been surviving with no power for three days now 🙂 The brownout started early morning of Wednesday (along with a cut-off in water supply) and I can only believe Meralco when they say it will restored by 10 tonight. I hope so… please give us a reason to rejoice this weekend! The water has come back but 60 hours (and counting) of no electricity is just so cruel.

Am still trying to figure out which was worse: Typhoon Milenyo or Glenda. I dug through my archives and found out that we were holed up in a hotel to escape Milenyo in 2006. It hasn’t been entirely hard with Glenda since we managed to settle in our second home for this weather episode but still – I and especially the kids – would like to return to normal life… grrr!

A neighbor wasn’t particularly lucky. This is just one of the very few photos I took of the Glenda aftermath because the situation is depressing.. Either your car is safe from the floods or it shields itself from the threat of fallen trees. None of the two options is appealing.


I am still in denial because I saw clear skies from my hotel room window in another country just a few days before.

HK view

Anyway, this is the Philippines… love it or leave it 😉 The floods and typhoons are an annual spectacle that we have to get used to, or prepare for.

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