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I loved Ichiran Ramen! I may have missed eating this in Japan but am glad I went out of my way to find this in HK, the land of roasted goose and dimsum. They now have two branches almost beside each other in Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay. It was quite hard to find, but just remember this landmark: a few streets at the back of Sogo Department Store 🙂


This whole order of their famed tonkotsu (pork bone broth) ramen with sliced pork and perfectly half-boiled egg cost HKD$101 (or P563) and darn, it fulfilled my noodle fantasies for the night.My verdict is that if Ichiran was in Manila, this would be the best ramen for me 😉

Ichiran HK

As expected, the broth was creamy and flavorful; the sliced pork was divine. A great part of the Ichiran experience is that the diner decides how he would like his ramen to turn out by filling up the order sheet.

One can tick off choices with regards to flavor strength (weak/medium/strong)…

richness (none/light/medium/rich/ultra rich)….

noodle texture (extra firm/firm/medium/soft/extra soft) …

and the garnishings that will go in the soup (garlic, green onion, mushrooms, etc).

The resto also recommends their Original Red Sauce and I wished I checked Double instead of Regular for that extra spicy kick!

Ichiran menu


The individual cubicles are ideal for solo diners who want to enjoy their soup (read: slurp and sweat) in privacy. This was the scene in Ichiran at midnight, but at least there were no long lines outside.


Each cubicle has a faucet or lever for dispensing their ‘Original Water.’ The brochure says it has gone through ‘a special system of pipes and purifiers (because) clean and safe water is a key element in the preparation of delicious Ramen.’


Anyway, it was kinda weird for the toilet to have so many paper rolls.LOL

Toilet paper

After eating, I brought my order sheet to the cashier. Note: they take CASH only. This section also displays Japanese food stuff for sale and also souvenir items.


This was how my noodle bowl looked like after the snack attack. Random ramen craving satisfied!


Shop H & I, Lockhart House, Block A
440 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Open 24 hours

+852 2152 4040

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