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I love Pasong Tamo Extension because it doesn’t remind me of the rest of the business jungle that’s Makati with its high-rises, traffic, buses, vehicles, crowds etc. It’s quiet in here, the buildings are preserved. It’s mostly filled with car dealerships, studios, ad & media agencies, and cozy little restaurants from where you can enjoy your food while relishing some privacy.

Cantino is one such secret spot. Can’t help but check out the place after some business found me at Ace Saatchi House that day. There are no signs anywhere pointing to this little canteen, you just have to negotiate a long alley.

Way to Cantino

The interiors immediately warmed up to me, and the menu written on the board is most attractive..


It’s quite strange that the place connects to the service center of European Motors Philippines Corporation (think about those luxury cars!) and this is the view you get from the second floor of the resto ..

View of the garage

Nothing special about the food served at Cantino but one thing I noticed, it’s quite cheap for this part of Makati with prices randing from P35 to P120. They offer good ol’ Filipino comfort food with a twist, although there seems to be a predominance of dishes from the North like Ilocos empanada and Isabela longanisa.

I ordered the Chori Pasta (P120) composed of crumbled Batak chorizo with kesong puti (white cottage cheese). It was my first time to pour Sukang Iloko (native vinegar) on pasta and it was suprisingly good!

Chori pasta

Their brewed coffee gets my thumbs up, and it’s only P55.


Tapsilog (P115) is their morning bestseller, but this is usually the case everywhere 🙂


Cantino also serves sandwiches, ensaymada and other desserts but I still have to try those.

Anyway, back to the dainty interiors which gives the place its character…




For a small place, wi-fi was pretty efficient and I just had to laugh at the password. It was ‘cookingnginamo’

2296 Don Chino Roces Extension
Makati City

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