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We all know what this country needs aren’t more laws and stupid regulations coming from the bureaucracy. What we need is strict enforcement about policies that make sense to the public, not formulated depending on the whim of those in power.

Anyway, I was in a state of exasperation last week when I was flagged down by a traffic officer for a ‘traffic violation’. I said “what?” I was in the right lane, wasn’t driving on my coding day, and wasn’t beating the yellow light the way I sometimes do (LOL).

The officer told me that I was in violation of something that I didn’t know about: the new Land Transportation Office (LTO) order banning license plate covers, holders and third party accessories from all kinds o vehicles, including motorcycles… both old and new!

He was referring to LTO’s Joint Administrative Order (JAO) No. 2014-01 which prohibits the attachment of the covers etc…. the main reason being that it might block the visibility of the license plate or vehicle sticker.

I was about to say to him that as a car owner, protection is of greater importance to me than visibility, but held my peace. A smile and protracted diplomacy prevented my license plate from being confiscated that day, and being fined P5,000 for violating the order.

“Next time na lang po, maawa kayo sa akin ang dami kong anak. At kulang naman sa info drive ang LTO order na yan eh!,” so I said and scooted away.Hah! 🙂

Seriously, LTO’s new administrative order is another useless statute that impinges on the rights of tax payers to exercise their freedom. My car is barely two years old and it was natural for me to take the pains to ‘beautify’ it by installing the cover. In my opinion, it was a must to have this accessory in a country where all kinds of stuff .. from rear view mirrors to tire caps…. are stolen from cars.

Besides, when I registered my car for the first time in 2013, I and thousands of other vehicle owners did not get our stickers in time but we didn’t even think of launching a mass action against LTO for their failure.

Anyway, what do you expect of an agency that’s notorious for foisting their money-making schemes to hapless motorists…?

Remember the compulsory drug tests they imposed to both old and new applicants for drivers’ license? They finally realized their foible and scrapped it this year.

The Compulsory Third Party Liability Insurance required for the registration of your vehicle is next to useless. Worse, the LTO doesn’t seem to impose standard rates, CTPL rates vary from one insurance company to another.

Of late, LTO also required all car owners to carry an Early Warning Device for use in emergencies.It will be another useless object in the trunk of my car but obviously, some government supplier is going to be happy.

Calling Mr. President… wala pong kinalaman sa ‘matuwid na daan’ itong new LTO circular. Matuwid pa rin ang pag-drive ko sa daan kahit may cover ang license plate ko. 🙂

As the young would say: haisssst!

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  1. rod salazar says:

    Nabasa ko tong ruling na to. Putangina nila, kikita na naman sila dito. Ang hirap sa mga buwaya na yan sa LTO lahat sila pinapahirapan mga tao para sila ang kumita! Akala ko ba daang matuwid na, bakit hindi pa nila inaalis yung mga hayup na fixer sa LTO! ano naman masama sa plate cover?! palibhasa mahihirapan lang sila tanggalin ang plaka ng mga matitinong motorist pag may takip!!!! mga buwaya sila!!!!

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