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It is truly epic to eat a filling meal for 4 people, have chicken wings, have dessert and have your bill running to less than a thousand pesos. Isn’t that happiness? 🙂


But I guess this is what Zark’s Burgers is all about, and what makes them popular with the college and office crowd. We ate in Zark’s Burgers BF Homes which is in the 2nd floor of a nondescript building along President Avenue, but still full of people that Sunday.


Of course, most people would come here for the burger which I would describe as very decent and tasty for the price. Here is what our seatmate had… The Tombstone, a 500-peso, two-pound cheeseburger served with 300 grams of fries. The come-on: finish it in 10-minutes and you get a free t-shirt and a spot in the Wall of Fame


Thanks for the t-shirt offer, but I’d rather have their Honey Glazed Krispy Kreme Donut a la Mode (P100). It came with an extra order of candied bacon since I wanted to try that too. I truly felt that life’s Top 3 sinful things (donut + ice cream + bacon) conspired to tease my taste buds that night!

Donut + candied bacon

As for their specialty burgers, we had these –

Candy bacon burger…. or cheeseburger topped with caramelized bacon. What is there not to love? I love that Zark’s doesn’t appear to scrimp on their ingredients and toppings. The fries are generously served too.


Zark’s Ultimate Burger has cheese sauce with sauteed mushrooms and bacon (P160 with fries and iced tea).


The Three-Pointer has three kinds of cheese..mozzarella, cheddar and cheese sauce (P155)


The four small pieces of chicken wings (P120) looked rather pitiful. This one needs improvement

Chicken wings

The Nachos Galore (P85), served with tomato salsa, wasn’t that outstanding too because the chips weren’t delightfully crispy.


Anyway, one no-fail tip we can impart is this: when in a burger place, stick with the burgers! We still have to try Zark’s rice dishes and their sandwiches but their main offerings surely didn’t disappoint.


La Salle Taft – Archer’s Nook Building

Katipunan Avenue

President’s Avenue, BF Homes Paranaque (in front of Shawarma Snack Center)


Soon to open: Venice Piazza, McKinley Hill

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