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Teddy’s Bigger Burgers, Hawaii’s number one burger, is the latest foreign food chain to enter the Philippines as it opens its maiden store at Level 3 of Greenbelt 3, Makati City (in front of Nanbantei of Tokyo) on Saturday, August 23, 2014.

I’ve been loving burgers lately and am excited with this development. We’ve been told that Teddy’s Bigger Burgers takes pride in its super thick milkshakes and signature made-to-order burger consisting of 100% cornfed ground chuck.Other must-tries are its buffalo wings,Teri Burger (with teriyaki sauce) and Bacado Burger (with cheese, bacon & avocado).

TBB Win 1 year

To attract customers during its August 23 opening day, Teddy’s is offering something irresistible –

The first five to fall in line will receive one year supply of burgers (one burger a week, for 52 weeks!)…

The 6th to 10th in line will get six months supply of burgers (one burger a week, for 26 weeks!)…

and 11th to 20th in line will receive three months supply of free burgers (one burger a week for 13 weeks!)

Among Nos. 21 to 80 in line, five lucky winners will be drawn via raffle to win a weekly supply of burgers for one month (one burger a week for 5 weeks!)

All right..pandemonium na to! 🙂 That’s not all because

“From now until September 3, 2014, mall patrons at the Greenbelt Mall also have the chance to win a free burger from Teddy’s by taking a burger selfie with either the Teddy’s Bigger Burgers store board up or Teddy’s Bigger Burger standees around the mall. Participants must upload their photos on Facebook or Instagram account with the hashtag #teddysburgersph. The first 100 entries will win a free 5oz Original Teddy’s Burger.”

Teddy’s Bigger Burgers is being brought to the Philippines by SumoBurger Global Inc., the first international franchise of actor Marvin Agustin and partners. Locally, they’re behind such restaurants as Sumo Sam, Marciano’s and the just-opened Banzai buffet.

In Asia, TBB could also be found in Japan. It has 11 locations in Hawaii and could also be found in Washington & Iowa, soon to open in California & Texas.

For more details, refer to www.facebook.com/TeddysBurgersPH

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