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Netizens have been abuzz with the makeup transformation meme lately. Some of them have been bordering on funny and amazing and…never mind. haha.But it was during the Sangobion Go Love Life event when the brand treated its makeover winners that I witnessed how a single makeup trick can do a whole lot of difference. As they always say: it’s all about the eyebrows baby!

Thick, full eyebrows are still the rage in 2014. We’re not talking about brows that look like they’ve been tackily pencilled over, we’re referring to ones that are beautifully defined and expertly finished. During the Sangobion session, I sat in the chair of make-up artist George Aliben of Kiehl’s Manila and it was fun seeing him do my brows like he was Picasso.I thought it was an art in itself and I couldn’t be happier with the result. My friends said I look different, and am sure they meant it in a positive way 😉

Sangobion portrait

Before the make-up application. My brows are not really thin but I have to admit they’d greatly benefit from some definition.


Here’s what George did on the other winners. It’s magic! This guy is definitely one of the best MUAs around.

(photos from @georgealibenofkiehls on Instagram)

Eyebrow 1 @georgealibenofkiehls

Eyebrow 2 @georgealibenofkiehls

eyebrow 3 @georgealibenofkiehls

I wish I can line my brows like George did but it would take a lot of practice. The best thing to do is to Google for how to fill in your brows or search for Youtube videos. But here were some of the tools I espied on George: Shu Uemura H9 hard brow pencil, a good angled brush, brow powder and some other 🙂

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