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In my photo archives was that sublime experience I had dining in Las Flores at the Fort last year. Somehow I got too lazy and busy and never got to blog about it. Now that I dined in Las Flores’ sister-restaurant Rambla last week, I will not let the opportunity pass. With no less than Spanish chef Pepe Lopez at the helm, I love how these two restos really made me appreciate authentic Spanish food in the heart of Manila!



Rambla is presumably named after that street in Barcelona famous for its cafés and shops.For tapas, a must-try is the resto’s interpretation of the Spherical Olive. This was originally created by chef Ferran Adria of the (now closed) 3-star Michelin resto elBulli. Only P45 apiece, this olive marinated in EVOO is a fine example of molecular gastronomy.Just one bite and it was truly magical how the whole thing melts and wonderfully explodes in the mouth 😉

Spherical olive

Octopus carpaccio with hummus (P495) ..it tasted as beautiful as it looked.

octopus carpaccio

Another perfectly-concocted carpaccio..this time, of beef (P365).

beef carpaccio @ramblaph

What was left of the foie gras mousse with caramelized apple and coffee-Bailey’s foam (P295) –


Tuna loin tataki over Spicy Mediterranean rice with saffron (P495)…

Spicy rice @ramblaph

I forgot to get the name of this dish but this could be their version of gambas, attractively placed in an iron pan.


But the best dish for me that day was the Foie- Wagyu Burger with Fried Potatoes and Romescu Sauce (P725). This photo I took doesn’t do it justice. One week later, am hankering for this burger with foie gras inside, so I must come back! 🙂

Foie gras burger

Rambla (Mediterranean Restaurant)
Ground Floor, Joya Building
Joya Drive, Rockwell
Makati City
Telephone No. 823 6468

Table reservations for Rambla now available at Eat Out Manila

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