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We didn’t see this coming!!!
Most of us in Metro Manila were awakened with thunder and lightning brought about by Storm Mario (international code name: Fung-Wong) ..so loud that I thought it was the Apocalypse! With my Girl Scout mentality, I was planning escape plans in my head should the situation get worse (because the thunder was giving me nightmares in my half-awake state). But thankfully, I live in an area where the streets don’t get flooded (even during the worst of Ondoy). Even more thankful when we woke up to find out that classes were suspended, and so was work in government offices.

In the meantime, it was sad to find these photos on my Facebook timeline. Red rainfall alert has been hoisted over Metro Manila, Rizal and Bulacan because of the torrential rains. Again, so pathetic that the warning only came when some of the areas were already submerged in floods…..!

Marikina City

Only the roof of cars could be seen in this spot in Marikina City which is notorious for being a low-lying area.(photo via @MarikinaPIO)

EDSA as a river

The main thoroughfare of EDSA was a virtual river (via @tontonico on Twitter)

There was massive traffic too, particularly in the north direction.

traffic-edsa NB

In Quezon City, chest-deep flood waters at the intersection of E. Rodriguez and Araneta Avenues….

Araneta Ave-E Rod intersection

A residential area in Mandaluyong City…


For the residents in the affected areas, this was the situation when the water got inside their houses. For some others, it was worse

water getting inside

People can be seen carrying their belongings to safety… clothes, appliances, pets or whatever they can bring to higher ground (image courtesy of Photoville International / Mark Hirah Adalia)

man carrying luggage

Let’s pray that this storm doesn’t dump any more rains and we’ve seen the worst of it.

Here are the flight diversions and/or cancellations announced by the Ninoy Aquino Airport as of 7am today, September 19. For updates, follow @naia_miaa on Twitter


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