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Truth to tell, I love boutique hotels more than big chain establishments. After all, being compact has its fine points. There’s something personal and intimate about them. And the way they are beautifully and daintily furnished is always a gem.

This is how I stumbled upon Azumi Boutique Hotel in Madrigal Business Park Alabang. Life has become so busy and I was looking forward to treat the family to a staycation within the city.Azumi’s promo of P2,888 for one night’s stay wasn’t bad, so off I booked! Glad that front office manager, Ms. Donna Narvadez, accommodated my request for early check-in. It gave me and the kids time to explore the nearby surroundings since the hotel is just walking distance from the Molito Complex.

One can easily fall in love with the lobby. It’s the opposite of minimalism, but tastefully decorated. Charcoal gray as the dominating color element is so cool on the eye.



Princess for a day: my youngest Lucy sitting in the high back chair (although I should teach the ‘Princess’ to sit properly, hehe)

Lucy in chair

While Midas Hotel shows off Hermes bags in their display cases, Azumi has travel-themed mementoes centered on London & Paris…


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