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It was the day after storm Mario. People in Manila weren’t particularly in high spirits because of the floods that affected the city.I was just happy and thankful that my family was safe! Lady luck seemed to be on my side too, if only because I had a date with two of my most energetic friends that weekend, and they were treating me…yahooo!

First stop was the Midas Hotel & Casino in Roxas Boulevard for breakfast. Their food selections were worthy of a hotel with a classy display of Hermes and Celine bags at the lobby. It was just too bad that they were clearing the place for lunch when I arrived, LOL. I love breakfasts, but on some days I can never be a morning person. Glad these two lovelies saved some buffet treats for me: Ziggy to my left, and Maricel at right….


The second appointment was the one I was most excited about because there was going to be a beauty makeover session at Ziggy’s spanking new salon. I’ve known her personally since her days in Louis Philip Kee and Salon Privat so we were ecstatic with the news that she was going to have her own. Z Salon on the second floor of Paseo de Magallanes looked awesome and cool, there will even be a billiards bar beside it….

Z Salon

The reception area with its array of products from Kérastase, the premier choice of hair professionals.

Z Salon

It’s good when you have somebody you know and trust to take care of your appearance, especially your precious tresses.As a hair stylist, Ziggy Hermosura works so efficiently and fast, something that can only be gained from long years of studying at the Toni & Guy and Vidal Sassoon academies in London. Like an expert, she cut the ends of my long hair as she said that I was already looking like a hippie. Then did some precise layering and put in side bangs.


I was more than willing to be a beauty guinea pig so they colored my hair too. Coloring is already a must for me at this age (ouch) though am not so daring and often stick with a medium or light brown. Ziggy let me choose from some swatches, with her expert opinions thrown in. One thing I learned: it’s more advised for your hair to be dirty before a session so the colors will stick better,so best not to shampoo.


As a sidenote, it helps to be in an establishment you will feel comfortable in. In this case, I immediately felt at home with Z Salon’s staff…they were very friendly and service-oriented.

hair color session

My eyebrows were also tinted to match my hair color. As I said in this post, eyebrows are so big these days…you can instantly transform your look by reshaping and painting on it like a canvas. I also got some hair treatment using these Kerastase products….


As a finishing touch, Ziggy put some make-up on me because there was going to be an event later that night. I have this crazy habit of looking over the beauty kits of make-up artists, all their stuff makes me salivate. Here’s Ziggy’s….

makeup tools

The hot bella of the beauty world and I. I asked Ziggy why her hair was all-black and she so casually told me she wants to be a Latina beauty, haha.Seriously, I was happy with my look too.

Post haircut

Sometimes, I dread going to beauty salons because it would mean seemingly endless hours of having your hair straightened and treated. But I don’t even remember asking for a magazine to read at Z Salon. That’s because there’s never a boring moment with this woman. I think we spiced up the whole place with tales of sex, men and rock & roll, LOL. Thanks Ziggy! We wish you luck in your venture. 🙂

before & after

Z sign

Z Salon has an ongoing promo for Cut & Color using L’Oreal products at P3,000. They also do rebonding, permanent blowdry, digiperm and Brazilian blow-out. This is apart from the usual array of salon offerings like hair treatments, make-up, styling, mani/pedi/footspa and threading. Ziggy also has a home service package for weddings. I highly recommend a visit.

Z Salon
Unit 200, 2nd floor
Oakridge Bldg.
Paseo de Magallanes
Makati City

call 0917-513 9917/ 0999 762 8071

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