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The ‘ber months are here and during this time, mothers like me are already training our eyes on the best gifts to give the young ones. Christmas is for them after all, they’re the ones most excited about those colorfully-wrapped boxes under the Xmas tree.

Toys, clothes and gadgets easily top the list of most-desired items year after year. If the gadgets are there, could the accessories that enhance their enjoyment be not far behind?

I don’t know why I was thinking of the merry holiday season when I got the Kidz Gear headphone over the mail recently. Last Saturday, I was giddy with excitement when I gave it as a present to my four-year old daughter Lucia, albeit prematurely. Christmas Eve feels like an eternity away. But happiness can’t wait, and I saw it etched on her face as she road-tested the thing.For the record, this was her first headphone 🙂

Lucy & headphone

Being tailor-made for the young ones, Kidz Gear can be adjusted to fit little heads perfectly as early as two years old.


We got the headpiece in pink with white accent and the ear cushions in black… I guess you can call this tricolor, haha. Construction is pretty solid for something which can easily be misconstrued as a kiddie toy. Far from it. Its strongest suit is the Volume Control feature found by way of a button on the cable (at right). You can easily slide it up or down depending on how intense you want the sound coming from the music or game player should be. In this case, parental guidance is always recommended.


Funny, but I also tested this headphone and found out that with some adjustment, the piece can fit my adult head too. Perhaps, there’s nothing wrong with borrowing this from the kiddo sometimes. Or maybe I can buy the splitter cable as a separate accessory so that we, mom and daughter, can listen to the music at the same time 😉

Selling for only P1,190, Kidz Gear is a quality product with a safety feature that is a ‘must’ in an accessory used by kids. It also comes in atractive colors like blue, green, orange, purple and white.

In today’s wired generation, headphones are essential not just for listening to music or playing games during their spare time. Young uns can use it, for instance, when they study lessons on their tablet or learn languages. The price is affordable enough to give the little ones their enjoyment and privacy but of course it is well-advised to compare with similar products in the market for best results.

Look for Kidz Gear wired headphones in the following resellers in Metro Manila and major cities: Astroplus, Astrovision, Beyond the Box, Digital Walker, Digital Hub, Mobile 1, BZB Gadgets Hive, BCG Computers and Cellplus.

Website: www.gearforkidz.com

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  1. Mr. Z says:

    Whatever device you choose to use these headphones with, set a maximum volume for your children, so little ears aren’t damaged – on an iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, these controls are found under General>Restrictions>Allow Changes>Volume Limit. You will need to “Enable Restrictions,” from the top of the “Restrictions” menu, to do so.

  2. Mas maganda pa si Lucy kesa dun sa batang na sa kahon niyan 😀

  3. ajay says:

    Thanks Ro! sana swertehin mag model someday itong anak ko XD

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