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Samsung’s best phone of the season landed in Manila yesterday…oh wait, it’s not just a phone but a phablet.There was a long line among consumers who wanted to get first dibs of the much-acclaimed Galaxy Note 4 at the Mall of Asia. They were either walk-ins or reserved online, and the first 4 to make the web reservation even got their device for free. We say yay! because Samsung Philippines announced the introductory price for the Note 4 is at a hefty P37,990, for those not availing of a telco plan.

Samsung MOA

Industry watchers expect the Galaxy Note 4 to compete head-to-head with the iPhone 6 Plus. There’s a loyal band of Samsung users, however, specifically those who have used the Note from the beginning. And they will surely put this gadget on their Xmas wishlist. Here’s our first look of the glistening beauty and the icons you can find on the homescreen –

Galaxy Note 4

Here are just 8 top features of the Galaxy Note 4 which you probably didn’t see in previous Note incarnations:

1. The 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display – this is specially recommended if you put a premium on web-browsing and e-booking. The ultra-high resolution of texts, images and videos make everything come alive!

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

2. Design-wise, the Galaxy Note 4 is clad in a premium metal frame with a 2.5D glass screen and soft, textured back cover.

3.Vivid capture with the 16 mp rear camera and 3.7 mp front-facing cam for the proverbial selfie. The iPhone 6 Plus only has a paltry 8mp!

4. Smart Select option is the Note 4’s modern-day version of Copy and Paste using the S Pen.

Smart Select

5. Using the S Pen again, you can take photos with the Photo Note feature and put in comments and additional memos easily.

6. The advanced S Pen on the Note 4 has ‘enhanced pressure sensitivity.This only means you can have better control and easier grip on what you draw or write, and even engage in calligraphy!

7. The 3220mAh Fast Charging battery on the Note 4 means you may see no need to lug around the portable charger. There’s an Ultra Power Saving mode and you can go from zero to 50% power in 30 minutes (where it usually takes one hour!)

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