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A surprising turn: I seemed to be more excited with Halloween this year than Christmas which is now 55 days away! Blame it on The Toddler who likes to a) dress up and b) eat candies like there’s no toothache tomorrow. Am mostly an onlooker and I really like Halloween for the creative effort and variety behind all the costumes. I can’t even imagine how some people make a ‘career’ out of it, even the adults.Manila’s Halloween parties are the most fun there is.

For Lucia, the fun started with a Trick or Treat event in my workplace. We just picked out a ‘goddess’ costume in SM and modesty aside, she looked so dainty in it. It was quite daunting since they visited close to 20 offices but the rewarding part was that she brought home lots of goodies that will put Willy Wonka to shame, lol.


Next, we were invited to Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time Night-O-Sphere party at SM Aura to rock on with Finn, Jake, Marceline the Vampire Queen and other famous cast in CN shows.

Since it’s quite boring to wear the same outfit twice, I picked out a cheongsam from the kids’ pile of unused clothes and luckily it fit Lucia. Here she was posing with a kid wearing a Robin outfit…


It was at the Adventure Time bash that I happily snapped away with my phone camera because the kids dressed up as their favorite characters.

night o sphere

Halloween 2014



Harry Potter




Pumpkin girl

After the Night-O-Sphere bash, we roamed around SM Aura because it was Trick or Treat time in the mall as well. But sadly, most of the stores ran out of candies too early. At the SM Department Store, we arrived in time to find these costumed people and the manager explained to me that their theme was “Enchanted Forest.” Right on!

Enchanted Forest

Happy Halloween everyone! Till next year again. We certainly had fun!

Halloween 2014

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  1. jane dulva says:

    Good costume and I know kids really enjoy it!

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