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Most of us look forward to Christmas because of parties, gifts, food-laden tables and the general atmosphere of merriment. It was just timely that we were introduced recently to Catering by Claudia’s which is the catering arm of the Romulo Food Group. This chain also includes Romulo Lounge, Claudia’s Kitchen, Cerchio and Tito Chef.

Catering by Claudia, owned by the husband-and-wife team of Enzo and Sandie Romulo-Squillantini, is inspired by the historic career of the family patriarch, General Carlos P. Romulo, who was the first Asian President of the United Nations General Assembly.Formal affairs hosted by the good general were always much awaited by their international guests because of their varied and delectable selections.

Decades later, this is the same tradition being carried over by third generation Romulos. They describe their offerings as “truly representative of the international palate with a touch of the discriminating Filipino taste.”

The Catering by Claudia event we attended was a mind-boggling buffet filled with more than 50 dishes, not to mention such innovative drinks as dayap green tea, tamarind with chili & honey, minted kamias crush. Here were just some of those which caught our attention:

Appetizer – crispy aubergines with salted egg, onions and tomato in spicy lemon mayo caponata.

Crispy aubergines with salted egg, onion & tomato

Roasted Kalabasa and Carrot soup, scented with cumin and served with crostinis.

Roast calabaza and carrot soup

The signature Romulo Garden Salad has mixed lettuce, cucumbers, beets, marinated tomatoes, croutons, buffalo cheese (kesong puti) and a ripe mango dressing.

Romulo garden salad

For the main course, they had Roast Chicken with sundried tomatoes and basil pesto sauce. They also had paella, pastel, poached salmon, porchetta and melt-in-the-mouth US Angus beef brisket.

Roast chicken with sundried tomatoes and basil pesto sauce

Paella Valenciana adorned with lots of seafood….

Paella Valenciana

Part of the dessert station –

Assorted panacotta shots

Catering by Claudia logo

Catering by Claudia:

Contact number: +632 970 0429
Facebook page: www.facebook.com/cateringbyclaudia
Instagram:@cateringbyclaudia #cateringbyClaudia

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