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Though Thanksgiving 2014 is still a few days away, the US Potato Board fulfilled its annual tradition to host a Thanksgiving dinner in the Philippines with prominent chefs and media guests in attendance. This time around, the venue was the One Rockwell East Tower Ballroom.

Chef for the celebration was Sau del Rosario who was a sight to behold carrying this much-awaited Roasted US Turkey which was the night’s main event.


It was a seven-course affair that had guests feasting on potato-inspired dishes with a French touch ingeniously prepared by Chef Sau. Like this Lapu-Lapu Rilette Fried Potato Cake (note: rilette is similar to pâté).


Potato ravioli with marinated prawns and micro sprouts Salad….


Beef au poivre with wilted spinach


How the delicious turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce looked on the plate… yum yum!


Dessert was this US Frozen Potato Dauphinois Chocolate Mousse and Pumpkin and Chocolate Crème Brulee with Chocolate Potato Taters.

Oh my, you got me at chocolate potato!


As ambassador-chef of the USPB, Chef Sau only has praises for US frozen potatoes.

“You can do a lot of things with them. The variety of the frozen potato cuts supports a chef’s creativity. As a chef who also ran a restaurant, I appreciate the steady supply of these potatoes in the market. It’s as good as fresh and is readily available. They’re really the best in terms of flavor, taste, texture and overall quality.”

Well, having spent three days in Cebu savoring the creative gourmet dishes that chefs did with the potatoes, I wholeheartedly agree with Chef Sau’s statement. I’ll be checking the freezers of my favorite supermarket for those wonder spuds!

Seen at the annual Thanksgiving dinner were USPB’s Reji Retugal, Global Marketing Director Susan Weller, Sandy Daza of Wooden Spoon and Myrna Segismundo.


Susan Weller, Evelyn Mercurio, leading US potato grower Carl Hoverson of Hoverson Farms and Reji Retugal.


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