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Amazing Food Challenge: Fun in the Philippines Season 1 was so successful that they wasted no time to make Season 2. And the second installment will premiere tonight, November 27, 9 pm on on SkyCable (Channel 22), Dream Satellite TV (Channel 27), Cignal (Channel 26) and Destiny Cable TV (Ch 71 Analog and Ch 22 Digital). The show will run until February 9, 2015 with one triumphant contestant standing to win the grand prize of US$30,000 and a three day two night travel package in the Philippines.

For the uninitiated, Amazing Food Challenge: Fun in the Philippines is a travel and culinary reality show produced by the Asian Food Channel in collaboration with the Philippine Department of Tourism (DOT) and the Tourism Promotions Board Philippines (TPB). It gathers together 10 intrepid contestants who will tackle grueling physical and culinary challenges. They will be basically out-smarting, out-running and out-cooking one another to be able to win the race!

All will be kept under the watchful eye of program host slash celebrity cook Sherson Lian, resident judge Chef Rolando Laudico, and a guest judge from each of the five Philippine regions they will visit.In each episode, one contestant will be eliminated until only three remain to compete for the championship.


Let’s get to know each of the contestants for the Amazing Food Challenge:

Investment Manager

Karen digs Indian cuisine and is a huge fan of Nigella Lawson. She hopes to host her own food and travel show one day!

Hong Kong
F&B Student

One of the youngest contestants in the show, he enjoys cooking at home for his friends and girlfriend. Kenton hopes to work up the ranks in the kitchen and open his own restaurant one day.

Reporter/ Blogger

Phan enjoys drawing and writing. Born into a family of cooks, this Vietnamese enjoys spending time in the kitchen perfecting her cooking technique. When asked what she prefers to be her last meal, Phan chose Vietnamese Salad because she loves vegetables!

Professional Chef

Hailing from Indonesia, this professional chef loves Asian cuisine, listing Japanese and Korean cuisine as some of his favorites. However, nothing beats mom’s cooking, as for his last meal, he would definitely choose his mother’s Sweet Corn Fritters and Cassava Leaf Stew. In his spare time, Denny enjoys customizing vintage cars and bicycles.

Jr. Lawyer/ Advocator

Born into a huge family of 14, this junior lawyer grew up in the Mongolian countryside before moving to the city to attend law school in 2006. While she works hard towards becoming an accomplished lawyer, Chimee also dreams of travelling the world. Filming The Amazing Food Challenge: Fun in the Philippines 2 was her first travel adventure, and her favorite Philippine dish is the stew dish Sinigang!

Film Critic/ Reporter

Being an avid Japanese cuisine fan, James dreams of having his last meal prepared by sushi master Jiro Ono. This Taiwanese film critic also loves the dish Chirashi, a Japanese rice bowl with mixed fresh fish and vegetables. When not in the kitchen, James enjoys watching films.

Landscape Designer

Not only is Joseph talented in the kitchen, he is also great around the home! This Australian native designs landscapes for a living, and he enjoys spending time in the garden or working on little furniture projects in his spare time. Besides being a fan of Vietnamese and Spanish food, Joseph is also a huge ice-cream lover. If he could cook for anyone in the world, he would do so for the late rapper Notorious B.I.G.

Marketing Manager

Christy’s passion for food was fostered at a young age from watching her grandmother cook. It was also because of her grandmother that she developed diverse appreciation for culinary flavors. With seafood being her favorite, it’s no surprise that she names salted egg crabs as one of her all-time preferred dishes!


Sunya loves to joke that his eyes are bigger than his tummy. This Thai photographer enjoys cooking for his mother and aunt and names the mortar and pestle being one of his favorite kitchen tools. One person whom he admires greatly is Thailand’s King Bhumibol Adulyadej for his humility and generosity.

Technology Sales

Despite being a lover of Italian food, Alec’s ideal last meal would be a big bowl of Hakkata Ramen, complete with braised pork belly, half boiled egg and Shimiji mushrooms! He dreams of cooking for celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain at his very own Hawaiian-themed feast someday. Besides food, Alec is also passionate about sports, particularly squash and canoeing.

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