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It’s my second time to eat in Akira Japanese restaurant and seeing the Akira branch in Alphaland Makati was refreshing, to say the least.

The interiors are different from the one in EDSA Shang-ri La Mall. This store is designed by the world-renowned local furniture designer Kenneth Cobonpue. The overall look evokes the seasons in Japan but with a Filipino touch. The resto tastefully showcases Cobonpue’s masterpieces, like the Kawayan Too chairs in the main dining area and those eye-catching red Yoda chairs by the sushi counter (which reportedly cost more than $1000 each)

Akira Alphaland Makati

Akira Makati

The giant floral-themed Cobonpue mural by the entrance is an attraction in itself.

Akira Makati

But even while dining in such classy, designer surroundings, Akira can be affordable if you steer away from the more pricey Wagyu/Kobe/ Matsusaka beef selections.

We feasted on their bestselling sushi rolls which were ample and delectable. Also costs a little more than P250 for six pieces. Not bad at all.

rainbow roll

Akira sushi

The health-conscious would delight in the Kani & Pomelo Salad (P248) and the Agedashi Tofu (P148),of which the resto makes an excellent version.


Agedashi Tofu

I love noodles and their Seafood Yakiudon (P378) hits the spot.


We also had the tonkatsu (P218), tender slices of pork fried to a crisp. It came with a side salad and dipping sauces.

By now, I don’t just notice the food but the exquisite stoneware in which our orders were served. It seems in this resto, no two plates looked the same, but they were all beautiful.


Anyhow, we were just prepping for the main event because in Akira, you possibly can’t leave without having teppanyaki! I always look forward to this part because the chef performs a culinary show in front of us. I did not record a video this time but it’s really a must-see if you have guests in town or just want to entertain yourself with the cook’s amazing knife skills.

teppanyaki at Akira

Then just like that, our food was ready. Teppanyaki sets at Akira are good to share for 2-4 persons. It includes the choice of beef, chicken, shrimps, miso soup and also comes with fried rice. The most reasonably priced in the menu is US tenderloin (150 g) at P948 while the most expensive is Kobe (100 g) at P5399.

Akira teppanyaki

Akira seafood yakiudon

Am glad it was Saturday night so there was plenty of time to kill…drink wine, share laughs and tell stories with friends, old and new.

But never say never…to ice cream! Green tea flavor pls. ๐Ÿ™‚

ice cream

Anyway, I just gotta have a photo op with this guy for social networking purposes, haha. After all, he handles close to 20 restaurants in the metro for Golden Potbelly Pig. Meet the young marketing guru Miguel de la Rosa. Thanks for hosting the party! ๐Ÿ˜‰

with Michael de la Rosa

Akira The Art of Sushi & Teppanyaki
Ground Floor, Alphaland Makati Place
7232 Ayala Ave. Extension corner Malugay St.,
Makati City, Philippines

For reservations, call (632) 808 6224

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