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Choosing a good washing machine is, perhaps, the single best investment a mom can make for her family. Just imagine how it can cut a daunting chore in half or even our dependence on household staff. But it seems we commit some big mistakes when using our washing machines. Here are some of them:

1. Too much mechanical action can cause damage to delicate fabrics and clothes in general.

2. Putting excess detergent so clothes will be cleaner and smelling good leaves residue. This can, again, cause damage to fabrics, aside from being harmful to the environment.

3. Selecting a higher temperature wastes energy and will harm your clothes in the process.

4. Same with using the machine for a longer time to wash clothes. The longer the time, the more energy is wasted, and the higher your electric bill.

During a Samsung event recently, I was acquainted with how high tech and innovative their newest line of ‘smart’ washing machines are. For example,the digital inverter features are worth looking into. The initial cashout maybe higher for these types but one can save money, time and effort in the long term.

Samsung washing machine

Front load washers are generally deemed more efficient. Samsung ups the ante with its Fully Automatic Front Load Washer (model WW5000) that has EcoBubble Technology and a Stain Away Program. EcoBubble completely dissolves and distributes the detergent for easy rinsing, deep fabric penetration and greatly minimizes detergent residue.

Stain Away, on the other hand, is a pre-programmed cycle in the washer that helps remove common, stubborn stains. Blood, coffee, tea, wine, and make-up are just some of them. In the setting, there’s a special bubble soaking stage where frothy bubbles penetrate deep into the clothes’ fibers to loosen dirt and stains.

Top load machines are generally priced lower than front loaders but it doesn’t mean they do any less.Samsung’s Fully Automatic Top Load WA16F759 is equipped with a Digital Inverter and Wobble technology which protects clothes from friction damage. Samsung representatives said there’s a unique structure in the machine’s pulsator which generates a dynamic, multi-directional washing flow to prevent tangles, twists and knots while thoroughly cleaning clothes. The large 16 kilogram capacity also allows lots of savings in laundry time.

Samsung Top Load washer

Another model, the Samsung Fully Automatic Top Load WA4000HH has the ActivDualWash feature, on top of Wobble Technology. ActivDualWash equips the machine with a wash sink with a built-in side water jet. The wash sink provides a convenient and dedicated space to hand-wash delicate items and pre-wash heavily soiled clothes before regular wash. The built-in side water can be started and stopped with a simple press of a button for maximum convenience.

Anyway, after testing all the buttons and seeing the machine spin with the quitest motor I’ve ever seen, I thought the best feature was yet to come: 11 year warranty! That’s how confident these guys are about the durability and perfection of their product….whew!

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