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Coverage and write-up by Angelique Misa

Most Filipinos have to deal with skin problems from time to time. But finding the right clinic or dermatologist to cater to your need depending on your skin type is a test, more like a trial and error. You might have tried out the services of a certain clinic and it might either be your worst or best treatment yet.

A couple of weeks ago, it was a privilege for me to try the services at Skintology Aesthetics Clinic, which is providing quality and special dermatological treatments to clients who seek distinct results.

The clinic was established by a group of friends just over a year ago. Shown in this photo are Dr. Maia Pega and Skintology Clinic Manager Dr. Bryan Uy Barretta.


“Our approach entails a general and holistic method of treatment aimed not only on the client’s concerns but also on their overall well-being”, says Dr. Uy Barretta. Skintology has a wide array of treatments that one can choose from depending on one’s need. From facial to body services; dermatological to non-invasive; whitening to slimming programs, they got it. Skintology offers a variety of services and dermatological procedures that are specifically crafted and chosen to cater to all client skincare necessities and requests.


I was able to try Skintology’s Total Beauty Package with Nightingale Poo Mask priced at an affordable P1,200. Yes, that’s right, Nightingale Poo! Anyhoo, for first timers, it is recommended that you try the said facial service which is composed of six stages.

First, I received a facial massage with the use of an aloe vera gel. After that came the following procedures: (1) Vacuum, this is basically for the white heads then followed by (2) Galvanic treatment with the use of a positive and negative ion that will circulate to balance the PH of the skin. You can actually feel the treatment because there’s an effect felt in the mouth. It tastes different. Then the (3) Ultrasonic Firm w/ Vitamin E that is used to penetrate the said vitamins inside the skin and at the same time used for firming and lifting. (4) Diamond Peel, in this procedure dead skin is taken out of the face and it also helps to lighten the dark spots and blemishes. After that comes the (5) High Frequency Laser. During this time, the face is covered by gauze and a laser is used because the pores are being closed, bacteria is killed and the upcoming pimple too. And the final procedure would be (6) Cold Sonic which is the finishing touch. It relaxes the skin all throughout the procedure and at the same time helps the skin to rejuvenate.

That’s the 6 steps of the Total Beauty Package, but during our treatment I was lucky to have the add-on facial service – Nightingale Poo Mask, which is usually applied after the 3rd procedure. The Poo Mask is for whitening and will give you that reddish effect on your cheeks which is pretty cool!

Overall, I had a great experience undergoing the Total Beauty Package. Moreover, the ambiance at Skintology is very relaxing and the staff were very attentive. They’d even offer their guests tea while waiting! If you are interested to try their service out, the clinic is located at 120 Plaza Royale Building, L.P Leviste Road, Salcedo Village, Makati City.

website: http:skintology.net

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