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Last night found me at City of Dreams again. Bless this place for being a short drive near me 🙂

It was time to see more of the spots that I wasn’t able to check out the last time. It was dinner time and we were hungry.

The Café at Hyatt City of Dreams Manila had magnificent decor. It was eye-catching all throughout, but the lighting was too dark for what you would expect of a vibrant hotel buffet. As a result, we really couldn’t appreciate all the sumptuous food laid out. If this was a mobile phone, it’s on energy saving mode, LOL

Hyatt cafe

It was even darker in Nobu Hotel and restaurant. From the staff uniforms to the overall ambiance, the whole place smacked of being ‘intentionally black.’ As a result , we decided to have Shiso Tea in the brightest area of Nobu which were the outdoor cabanas.

Nobu cabanas

With martinis priced at P475 and appetizers at P900++, Nobu was kinda out of reach for people like us who have just wasted their Xmas bonus during the long vacay, haha But I was really glad to find out that there’s a place in City of Dreams that’s delightful to the palate as it is to the wallet.

Drum roll: Red Ginger. My new favorite restaurant 😉

Red Ginger

The interiors and the statement wall showing the insides of a kiwi fruit really commands the eyes.

Here’s another view. Love those lamps by the pastry area.

Red Ginger

Red Ginger is a 24-hour restaurant specializing in Southeast Asian cuisine and is owned by City of Dreams management itself. The place tends to be busy and the service level can be wanting but the dishes were really delicious for the price. Here’s what we ordered:

5 ounce Angus beef satay (P510). The secret of this dish is the long marination for the flavors to seep in. An order comes with a cup of jasmine rice and a trio of sauces… sambal belacan, sweet soy sauce, green chili/eggplant relish

Angus satay

I actually began my meal with the Fragrant Thai Fish Cake (P220) which tastes great of course with chili sauce (house made). The additional greens and cucumber were a nice touch.

Thai fish cakes

And it just keep on getting better. When you’re at Red Ginger, make sure to order the Wok Fry Morning Glory. Being sauteed in preserved yellow beans and oyster sauce makes this vegetable dish really tasty, especially with all that fried garlic on top.

Red Ginger

This Vietnamese Noodle Salad (about P220) had more spring rolls than noodles and could do with more generous servings. I also hate it when I can taste the oil used in frying the spring roll.

Viet noodle salad

Anyway, one least fave dish out of four good ones doesn’t diminish the great dining experience we had at Red Ginger. It wasn’t really a feast, we eat light for dinner.

My friend Yayot and I made sure to have this photo for posterity. We live within 3 kms of each other but only see each other once a year (…. busy much??!)

At City of Dreams

Make sure to drop by the pastry area because they also have these interesting cakes and cookies…

Red Ginger

Red Ginger
City of Dreams Manila
telephone no: +632 800 8080

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