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I’ve written before about how I loved my first slurp at Ramen Yushoken in Alabang so a visit to their just-opened sister outlet in Makati City was in order. Same owners, different name & location. The new place is called Mendokoro Ramenba (or Mindoro Ramen Bar as a joking friend would say).

Mendokoro is located in one of the lesser known streets in Salcedo Village which is near the Saturday market. We lined up for 30 minutes because the place wasn’t open yet when we arrived.


Prepare to queue because the place only has 21 seats.


My daughter had the basic shio (salt) ramen at P360. I would recommend this for first-timers and ramen virgins out there. It’s a safe choice.


The bowl looked so good! The daughter finished her meal and I bet it was something she can’t forget.


Extra aji tamago (P90) and chashu (P140).The extra broth would cost you P220 (!!) A bit sneaky since they don’t put ample soup in the ramen in the first place. It was bitin.


I was feeling adventurous that night so I ordered garlic shio ramen (P470) which wasn’t on the menu yet. This ramen is made up of freshly minced and toasted garlic bits. The strong garlic taste overpowered the divine broth and I think it had too many bean sprouts. I guess that’s the price to pay for adventure. I wouldn’t really advise ordering this dish if you’re conversing closely or kissing someone later on 🙂

Garlic shio

Anyway, I bumped into Baus of Campaigns & Grey. He ordered the shoyu ramen (P390) and he would now like to go back there again because he says it’s yummy.

Shoyu ramen at Mendokoro

A glimpse of the Karai Tokusei Tsukemen (P450) which is a spicy type of ramen where the noodles (cold) are dipped into the separate toppings & soup.


Verdict: Mendokoro is good for its novelty and fixing intense ramen cravings. Serving is not commensurate to price. All these expensive ramen joints in town are getting old. I need a new fix.

Mendokoro Ramenba
V Corporate Centre
Soliman Street
Salcedo Village, Makati City
Tel. No. 215-17 51

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  1. edelweiza says:

    Hmm, if it’s a sister company of Ramen Yushoken, it must be good. We love Ramen Yushoken! But I agree with you, bitin ang soup nila! Hehe. 🙂

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