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Lunch today was spent at the Alphaland Place in Makati and then off to Century Mall for the much-ballyhooed Hole in the Wall food court on the 4th level. What can I say, it’s the fanciest of its kind I’ve seen. The place is impressive, reminds one of the dining hall at Westfield Centre in Sydney. It even looks like a country club from this angle…

Hole in the Wall

We came to have dessert and it was perfect that Scout’s Honor Craft Cookie Shop by Chef Miko Aspiras (of Magnum cafe fame) was the first outlet to greet us at the door.I’ve been avoiding sweets (but definitely not the kids) and a lot of people have been raving about this shop so it’s a must-go!

Scout's Honor

Scout Honor’s make-your-own cookie concept is a winner! How can you go wrong with the formula of choose your own cookie dough, add 3 toppings and we serve it to you in 8 minutes? Believe me, these hot-off-the-oven cookies (P120 per order) tasted as good as they looked!

Scout's Honor

Making their own cookie recipe was really a no-brainer for my kiddies. Who can go wrong with basic chewy dough, chocolate chips, oatmeal, peanut butter, KitKat, Oreos, marshmallows? Mix them all together and nothing will taste awful 🙂

There were lots of other good stuff on the display counter. Dessert lovers wouldn’t be able to sleep wanting to taste these all 🙂

Scout's honor

I opted for the matcha sesame cookie (P95) which was rather mild. It’s good if you like the taste of tea in your cookie but wouldn’t really order this again.

Matcha sesame

My cup of brewed cofee being made. It was too watery and not my type. I should have gone for the S’mores cup.


Or maybe next time just junk the caffeine and have milk. Cookies with milk is a classic.


I liked the nice interior touches in this cookie shop. My toddler even found a trolley to play with.



Overall, Scout’s Honor is outstanding and I can’t wait to try the other establishments in Hole in the Wall.

Scout’s Honor Craft Cookie Shop
at Hole in the Wall
4th Level Century Mall
Kalayaan Avenue, Makati City

Tel. No. 887 2698

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