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This is a rather late post on my first time to dine in La Cabrera Grillado and Bar in Makati last November. I figured that since it’s almost Valentine’s Day, people would be looking for cozy places to have a date or eat in.

Just from the homey ambiance alone, La Cabrera is highly recommended. It is quite spacious, perfect for a fun gathering with friends.There are a lot of interesting bric-a-bracs scattered around the place which make conversation pieces in themselves.

La Cabrera Manila

La Cabrera

La Cabrera is a franchise of the famous steakhouse in Buenos Aires. Let’s just say you don’t need to fly all the way to South America to taste grilled meat the way Argentinians like it. Since they drink a lot of wine out there, the curvy, elongated bar is one of the highlights of La Cabrera Manila, with those signed chopping boards from happy customers on display too.

La Cabrera bar

La Cabrera

Judging from the house specialties, La Cabrera is a carnivore’s delight. And when you think about it, the price isn’t too bad since some of the top items on the menu are good for sharing. Examples are the Ojo de Bife (rib eye steak) which is P2,680 for 500 grams and the Bife de Chorizo (striploin) – P1,880 for 500g.

It was a business lunch so I had a sampling of the Asado del Centro or beef short ribs.I was kinda let down that there was lots of fat in this cut, though it’s not evident in the picture.

La Cabrera

We also had the half BBQ Chicken (P550). Note that the orders come with side dishes of your choosing like fries, roasted garlic, sweet potato mash etc.

Chicken bbq

So South American food has similarities with Filipino food after all. We had this Empanada de Carne (P250 each) which was kinda spicy and reminiscent of rich seasonings like cumin.


La Cabrera’s version of Caesar’s Salad (P550 for a full order) –


They have pasta too. I tasted the Chorizo Carbonara Linguini (P650 for a full order). This was nothing special. So my advice when dining in a reputable steakhouse like La Cabrera: stick with the grilled meats!


…but remember to save room for dessert! The house Chocotorta is a must-try (P390). It’s cremed dulce de leche sandwiched between a chocolate cookie crust. Am eyeing the other delicious-looking desserts on the menu for a next visit.


Noemi, Jane and I saw one of the youngish owners, Carlo Lorenzana – who hails from Davao – so we said hi! and posed for photo op. It’s a long way from Argentina to Manila but thank you for livening up Manila’s food scene with Argentinian food 🙂

La Cabrera
La Cabrera Grillado and Bar

Ground Floor 6750 Building
Ayala Avenue, Makati City
Open: 11am-3pm/5:30pm-10:30pm

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