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We were in Army Navy BF Homes this Chinese New Year holiday and my five-year old says: “I want pancakes mommyyyy!”

Clueless Me replies: “There are no pancakes here. Let’s transfer to…”

And Lucia retorts: “There are pancakes here. Just look at the board!” (points to menu)

And this is how she got her classic pancakes (P80) at 6pm while the rest of us were having dinner 🙂


My impression of Army Navy Burger + Burrito was that it has always been a Mexican place, albeit proudly Made in the Philippines. The whole military concept is just superb. What’s even better is thatthey have expanded their line-up to include all kinds of comfort food – from sumptuous all-day breakfasts like tapsilog to their Fearless Fried Chicken and sinful desserts like this Freedom Toast…egg-dipped bread (actually brioche) which is topped with a heaping of blueberries and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Only P65.

Freedom Toast

Perfect for the coming Lenten season (or those abstaining from meat) is the Querida Mia Verde (P215), a rolled quesadilla with guacamole, sour cream, jalapeno, green bell pepper, onions, duo of cheeses (cheddar & mozzarella) and special querida sauce. Sinfully tasty yet healthy.

Querida mia verde

The Starving Sailor (P240) was a revelation. This sandwich is an old hand in the menu but it certainly packs a wallop with thin slices of beef cut Philly-style, cheese, caramelized onions and green bell pepper. The filling sits on an 8-inch sourdough bread which was very good and of high quality.

Starving Sailor

The Nachos (95) have a very delightful crunch and of course delicious toppings..cheese, salsa, beef bits and minced jalapeno for that extra spice. You’d ask for more, and it’s good that they finally added this famous dish to whet appetites before the main event.


Rice meals will always be a popular option in this part of town. It’s a wise choice to order the bacon and longganisa (native sausage) at Army Navy. They have it custom-made and it’s quite addicting, actually.

All day breakfast

More open-faced quesadilla goodness, called Querida Mia in the house… Charlie Bravo has cheese & bacon, while the other one has Baja chicken – both priced at P195.


Bacon quesadilla -

Of course, let’s not forget the burrito. Their popularity at Army Navy is timeless. You can choose to have yours either with steak, chicken, carnitas or all-vegetarian.


This spread may look like a feast but it’s not even enough when you’re at Army Navy. So many appetizing food choices in this place! Didn’t we say it’s proudly Philippine-made again? They really stay true to their slogan ‘come in hungry, walk out happy.’ And that’s why we’re coming back 😉

Army Navy

Army Navy


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