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Dentiste’ is an oral care brand that I’ve seen in other countries in Asia so I was relieved to know they’re now being marketed fully in the Philippines. Their claim to fame is that they’re the First Nighttime Toothpaste. Know what this means? When you brush with Dentiste before sleeping at night, you’re supposed to wake up with fresher smelling breath. An age-old problem that hasn’t been solved… until now. Hehe. Way to go!

Lucky me received the Travel Essentials pack from Dentiste recently..giving me enough reason to roadtest this brand. In photo: Dentiste Plus White toothpaste, toothbrush, dental floss and breath spray. Not shown is the oral rinse.


The toothpaste has a mint green color when pumped. I’ve been using this for several days now. When I wake up, my mouth seems to be drier than usual but I have to admit, it doesn’t taste icky too.LOL. People like us who practice good dental hygiene don’t really suffer from an extreme case of morning bad breath (!!) but maybe using a specialty toothpaste like Dentiste which works overnight can further improve things 🙂


As a product, Dentiste boasts of 14 natural extracts which serve as antiseptic and antibacterial agents to decrease the spread of oral bacteria while a person sleeps. Aside from the extracts, it also contains xylitol, Vitamin C, Cylodextrin Complex and Silica Complex which all contribute to fresher breath and healthier gums.

It is thus recommended for persons who have stressful jobs (since stress contributes to plaque buildup), those who smoke and drink coffee (ahemm to the latter), those with respiratory problems or people too busy to fuss with the intricacies of oral health care. By using Dentiste, they’ll be confident enough to face the world sans the smell and shadow of bad breath.

The only downside is that this brand seems to be more expensive than the other toothpastes available in the market. A 100g tube costs P198 while the toothpaste with pump costs P275 for 120g.

Here’s the complete listing of 2015 prices as shown in Dentiste’ Philippines Facebook page:

Regular tube:
20g (P59), 60g (P138), 100g (P198), 160g (P249)

Regular pump format:
120g (P275), 170g (P335)

100g Tube (P198), 120g Pump (P295)

Travel kits:
20g + Long Toothbrush (P139), 20g + Short Toothbrush (P145)

Oral Rinse:
190ml (P198), 380ml (P320)

Toothbrush (P79.75), Tongue Cleaner (P128)

Dentiste is now available in the following PH stores: Watsons, Mercury Drug, Rustan’s Essenses, Robinson’s Supermarket, Rustan’s Fresh, Shopwise, PCX, Metro Gaisano, Landmark, SM Hypermarket & Travel Club

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