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Skin care is definitely more important to me than make-up, clothes or even jewelry. The skin is the largest area of the body so it makes sense to take care of it.. what’s the point of being dressed up in designer brands if you have these icky spots, right?
However, I’ve found that for a product to be trusted and reliable, it need not be expensive. For as long as it is gentle and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin, then I can go on using it.

A few months ago, I discovered Safeguard’s trio of new body washes. Most of us have always known Safeguard to be ‘The Family Soap We Grew Up With’ so it’s kinda refreshing to see it now in liquid form.


Per the product literature, the Safeguard Pure White line gives importance to protection against germs. I presume this will be ideal even to a young child like my 5-year old Lucia.It’s been found in a study that E. Coli bacteria have a high concentration even in harmless-looking objects like pencils, school desks and TV remotes. Safeguard Pure White is formulated with Zinc Pyrithione (ZPT) which protects against 3 types of disease-causing germs: gram positive, gram negative and fungi. This kind of protection is something that can’t be achieved by regular soaps.

The Safeguard Derma Sense Face & Body Wash for Sensitive Skin is what am using right now. I still can’t believe that I can use the same formulation for my face AND body but I guess that’s possible now with this product. The secret? No alcohol or dyes added to disturb the skin’s natural defense layer. I also love that the Derma Sense Face & Body Wash smells good (in a gentle way), even if the label says it’s ‘unscented.’

For my teenagers, I entrusted the Safeguard Derma Sense Anti-Acne since breakouts seem to be their problem these days. It’s layered with the same ZPT and Triple Shield formula found in Safeguard Pure White. Dionne says she loves the eucalyptus smell and the fact that it’s helping make her face pimple-free.


Here are the quick benefits I can think of in using the new Safeguard Pure White and Derma Sense body washes:

1. Family members sometimes use common soaps but this can be unhygienic. With the body wash, it can still be used by everyone but universal contact is prevented if you use separate loofahs or wash cloths.

2. Using a body wash feels more luxurious and I truly feel like am indulging myself & savoring the bath experience šŸ™‚

3. Only a small amount of liquid per shower is necessary.

4. The price points for these products are very affordable: Derma Sense is only Php99.00 for the 200ml bottle while for Pure White, it’s Php 65.00 for 200 ml and Php 120.00 for 400 ml.


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