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Our friends from Greenwich Pizza have launched the search for the Ultimate Bandkada! If you are a talented group of musicians from 18-35 years old, now’s your time to shine and bag a major recording contract… plus P100,000!

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To qualify, your group must be composed of a minimum of three up to a maximum of five members (all male/female or mixed) and Filipino.There are two methods of joining: online or live audition. You must perform a song that incoroprates two or more musical genres (rock, hiphop, pop, EDM, etc.) Preliminary rounds will be held from March 9 to March 21, 2015, out of which eight Bandkada finalists will be chosen. The grand finals will be held on August 2015 where the Top 3 winning bands will be named.

The full mechanics for joining after the jump:

1. A representative of the group must have a valid YouTube account where the video entry will be uploaded.

2. Visit www.ultimatebandkada.com and register through the website.

3. Contestants must be well versed with the different genres, specifically Rock, Pop, Hip Hop or EDM (Electronic Dance Music) disciplines.

Participants will be judged based on the following criteria:

20% Originality – Song uses original beats and melodies

30% Genre Mash Up – Incorporating at least two more different genres – Pop, Rock, Hip Hop and EDM to

create an original music

20% Audience impact – Crowd reaction during and after band’s performance.

15% Chemistry – Shows a harmonious relationship and interaction between band members as they play on


15% Stage Presence – Impressive appearance and performance

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