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In Southern Leyte: Tangkaan Beach

I’ve been busy with local travels in line with my resolve to explore more of the islands this year. But first let me tell you about my trip to our great hometown over the weekend. Even though I grew up and studied primary school in Southern Leyte, I rarely visit because it’s such a pain to go here. Decades of political nonchalance has somehow deprived the area of a decent airport. One still has to travel 3-4 hours by land after deplaning in Tacloban 🙁

Anyway, the visit to our town of Padre Burgos was just what I needed to recharge. It’s nice to be in a place where life is so laid back, the air is fresh and there’s no traffic! Am seeing a lot of changes going on because resorts are sprouting up. Tourists are coming in because of our place’s growing reputation as a top diving spot where the most beautiful corals can be seen. I don’t know if it’s good or bad that people are discovering the secret paradise that’s Padre Burgos.

When in town, you can go diving or take a pump boat to Limasawa Island, but the waters can sometimes be rough.A visit to the Tangkaan beach & fish sanctuary just 10 minutes or so awayfrom the main part of town remains the most viable thing to do. Tangkaan is a public beach with pristine white sand and rock formations that are pretty enough for Instagram 🙂




I’ve stayed in the city for so long that I’d live for this view. At least am not seeing those pesky jeepneys!


So nice to be in the beach!


Tangkaan remains free for the most part. Visitors just have to pay five pesos which will probably go to maintaining the place. There are toilets, shower rooms and picnic tables. Locals go here with cooked food or just prepare stuff in the grilling area by the beach.


As Gen. MacArtur would say, I shall return! If you want to know about how to go to Tangkaan beach, leave a comment after this post.

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