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I survived Fitness First #PushYourLimits!

There was an invite for us to attend the Push Your Limits event organized by Fitness First a few weeks ago in Bonifacio High Street. I was excited to go because I really like health-related activities, even though when it comes to going to the gym… it’s really more of a case of “the flesh is willing, but the spirit is weak.” LOL.

Fitness First

Anyway, the activity had a series of unexpected twists for me. I didn’t know that it would literally push my limits. We weren’t even told to dress up for the occasion. It turns out the organizers’ intention was to show how exercise can be incorporated in everyday tasks and without the need for exercise machines.

Challenge accepted. In the endurance race, we were told to lift shopping bags that got heavier with each successive round.In the end, I think we were holding about 10 kilos of Gatorade in each hand. That was the longest 30 seconds of my life…phew!

Fitness First

My strength was most tested with the Tire Flip challenge. To think this was the first booth I went to..I definitely didn’t know what was coming. The test was to do as many flips of an 80-kilogram tire (!!!) within the one-minute time frame. My record was a decent 11 flips, and it’s now immortalized in this Youtube video, haha.

I never thought I could manage to lift 50 kilos in my life, more so 880 kilos. I must admit this exercise was so tiring yet highly addicting. Hmm, I wonder where I could flip tires now? These guys didn’t tell me where or how.

Fitness 1st

After the hard part, the succeeding activities were easy-peasy. With the agility ladder, one’s speed and footwork were put to the test.

Fitness First

The yoga part of the program entailed doing a series of Vinyasa poses for relaxation and flexibility. I love yoga, but it was kinda awkward doing it in my jeans and everyday top.Ugh.


Overall, I liked the activity because it truly tested my endurance limits. And I miss the gym for the adrenaline high it gives me, but sadly my busy lifestyle doesn’t allow it. Look out for similar events mounted by Fitness First in the near future. Visit www.fitnessfirst.com.ph for updates. Kita-kits sa gym pag may time!

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