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Ramen Daisho in Shaw Blvd. hits the spot

We were just in Manila staying in a hotel for the Easter break and am glad I finally found the time to try Ramen Daisho in Liberty Center along Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong City.

Way back in 2014, there was a list of Manila’s best ramen restos drawn up by a Japanese and Ramen Daisho held the No. 2 spot. After tasting their offerings, I can very well say Daisho deserves its ranking. Too bad they’re not so accessible location-wise, but maybe they will expand soon?

My friends know it: am thrilled when I try something new: be it a place, some food or an experience. Ramen Daisho will be fondly remembered because it was my first time to try here the Cold Zaru Soba (P300 for an order). I was convinced by the manager Mr. Watanabe to eat cold noodles for a change since this is what they do during hot summer days in Japan.

Simplicity was the cornerstone of this soba. The noodles looked perfectly cooked, with the soy-based dipping sauce on the side, half-cooked egg and green onion topping. Nori slices are also recommended to add texture.

Zaru Soba

How to eat cold zaru soba: put the egg & onions in the dipping sauce, mix together and plunge the noodles in there. Whoa! ’twas a different experience. The noodles tasted cold in my mouth but the taste was exquisite and delicious. And look up ma….no meat!

Ramen Daisho

But even though the weather is tropical in these parts, Pinoys like me will always crave for hot ramen soup. Thankfully, Ramen Daisho has all four varieties to satisy the palate: miso, shio, shoyu and Hakata Tonkotsu which is characterized by its rich, milky pork bone broth. We tasted the latter which had two ample slices of chashu and half a serving of nitamago or seasoned egg. It’s recommended as a must-try when you’re in the place…definitely one of the best in town I’ve tasted.

Ramen Daisho

The California Maki (P240 for an order) is a new addition in the menu. Pair this with the cold noodles and you now have a completely vegetarian option, not to mention a very filling meal.

California maki

Somehow, we also couldn’t resist ordering Gyoza in a ramen place. Ramen Daisho’s version (P150 an order) is perfectly made, with the right charring and 100% meat filling. They are also proud of their gyoza sauce which is specially made from natural ingredients in Japan.


Ramen Daisho’s Wagyu Set Meal is one of the cheapest one can have in Manila. For 500 pesos, one can have Wagyu A3 beef with fries, salad and rice. Just remember to tell the kitchen how you want it done. It seems for our order, the cook got liberal with the sauce and the dish came out a bit salty. The flavor of Wagyu beef should be able to stand on its own, even without putting any seasoning.

wagyu set meal at Ramen daisho

Green tea ice cream from Jameson’s artisanal gelato to cap off a very satisfying meal.


The interiors of Ramen Daisho are characterized by the open kitchen where one can see the cooks in action, the main dining area and the private function room. The latter is of course preferred if you want a quieter space and it seems the chairs here look better too.

Ramen Daisho

Ramen Daisho

Ramen Daisho

A Japanese national manages the Ramen Daisho branch in Shaw Blvd. Nice meeting you Mr. Sato. Domo arigato!

Ramen Daisho

Ramen Daisho
Sunshine Square, Liberty Center
312 Shaw Blvd. Mandaluyong City
Tel. No. 774-0036

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