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Ryan Agoncillo for Panadol

If you ask his children Yohan and Lucho, Ryan Agoncillo is a Superman. That’s because he can juggle a multitude of roles – not only as a father and husband but also as an actor, host, cyclist and tri-athlete.

But even Superman needs all the strength he can muster. Ryan admits that he’s just human and feels sick sometimes. For those moments when he experiences headaches and pain, the TV star is thankful there’s Panadol to the rescue.

“My family will always be my top priority and I don’t let any kind of discomfort get in the way of spending quality time with my loved ones.

Ryan reveals that his workload and the strenuous exercises he engages in as a sportsman make him suffer from terrible headaches sometimes. When this happens, he’s glad there’s Panadol to the rescue. “This is my go-to medicine that offers fast relief to make moments with my family pain-free. With Panadol, I feel better in an instant,” he notes.

According to Jeoffrey Yulo, General Manager – Consumer Healthcare, GSK Philippines: “Seven out of 10 Filipinos suffer from regular headaches. The time wasted on dealing with this kind of pain should have been better spent on more important things like quality time with the family.This dilemma encourages GSK to continue providing a fast and effective solution like Panadol to pain sufferers. Panadol is the only product in the market to contain Optizorb®. It allows paracetamol to reach the bloodstream more quickly and be carried to where it acts to fight pain, five times faster.”


(Paracetamol) Panadol® with Optizorb® comes in 36 x 10s dispenser box and a 10s pack. Each tablet has an retail price of only four pesos and is available in all leading drugstores nationwide.

For more information on pain management, visit www.panadol.com.

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