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Make easy to cook dishes at home with Clara Ole!

I’ve used Clara Ole products ever since I can remember. For example, there’s a nice hack of my favorite CPK Kung Pao Spaghetti you can make using Clara Ole’s kung pao pasta sauce. Just open a packet, mix in a few ingredients like chili peppers and shrimp or chicken, and you have a gourmet dish in an instant.

Clara Ole has a whole range of goodies like ready-made pasta sauces, salad dressings, dips, marinades and jams to make it easier for busy moms like me to prepare meals that still exude the aura of being ‘home-cooked.’ Making sauces from scratch is something I do when I have the time, but it’s a pain and can be trial-and-error sometimes. However, with Clara Ole I can close my eyes and pretend to be a masterchef. Most of all, my kids think they’ve just tasted the most delicious, restaurant-level food. Isn’t that neat?

There was an invite to attend the Clara Ole Potluck Foodfest recently. Headlining the event was TV host and actress Amy Perez who prepared her own signature dishes using Clara Ole. She also shared tips on how career moms and full-time homemakers can whip up gourmet dishes despite a busy schedule.

I was sad to miss the Potluck Foodfest at R Space but guess what…. it’s my turn to host the first Clara Ole themed mini-party in our condo complex in Paranaque City on April 25! Am so excited (and quite busy) preparing for this event and the whole idea is to devise a menu line-up that can be easily be prepared using Clara Ole products. The best part is inviting family and friends over for this party, details of this you will know soon dear readers. Will make sure it’s a blast and you can vicariously share the fun online because there will be pics and recipes!

Watch out for fellow bloggers hosting the potluck in their condos too. The whole idea is to demonstrate that ‘haute cooking’ is still possible in today’s day and age when most people don’t have the luxury of space and time.

For updates and tips from Clara Ole, visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/MyClaraOle and follow their Instagram and Pinterest accounts @ClaraOlePH.

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