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New EXCELLIUM diesel formula from Total Philippines

Total Philippines recently introduced the EXCELLIUM diesel, a new product offering that delivers maximum engine protection in a single patented formula.It contains special detergent molecules and friction-reducing ingredients that promotes fuel economy, significantly reduces carbon emissions and of course protects your vehicle engine.

“With every drop of EXCELLIUM Diesel, the patented formula works to protect metal components in the engine, ensuring that every movement is smoother than ever. With less friction between metal components, one can be assured that the engine will last longer and perform at optimum levels,” Total representatives said.

Total EXCELLIUM Diesel has the added advantage of cleaning the engine and eliminating deposits that hinder better engine performance. It also contains combustion improving ingredients that reduce harmful emissions.

Total’s EXCELLIUM line was developed in European laboratories to put the customers’ driving experience right at its core, with three distinct advantages in one fuel product.

Find the all-new TOTAL EXCELLIUM Diesel in the following stations:

National Capital Region –
Shaw Boulevard
West Service Road
Las Piñas
Zabarte, Quezon City
Sucat 2

Northern Luzon –
San Fernando
Solana, Cagayan
Clark, Pampanga
Camp 7, Baguio City

Plaridel, Cebu

TOTAL EXCELLIUM is also available as a 95+ RON premium gasoline fuel in selected TOTAL service stations.

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