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Where to eat, what we ate in Naga City

It’s a given: I love going to the Visayas for its beaches, the North for its mixture of landscapes and Bicol…I would always come back for its food. They happen to have my favorite cuisine in the Philippines 🙂

Way back in 2012, I wrote about ‘What we ate in Bicol‘…it was kinda bitin because that was just Legaspi City. So here’s the second installment, and this time I try to scour the food scene in Naga. It was truly alive with lots of value for money, excellent restaurants.

Senor Enrique B&B

When in town, don’t miss out on the putong bagas which is sold as a street food. A pack of four small pieces is only ten pesos but just so darn good. Best eaten when hot and paired with coffee. This is just a simple rice cake but it sorts of melts in the mouth because of the way it’s cooked (over charcoal). Then the ‘bukayo’ or sweetened grated coconut as filling takes this delicacy further up the taste level.

We arrived in Naga at the unholy hour of 5.30 in the morning and it was good enough that Bigg’s Diner was already open. Bigg’s is very popular in the region & has several branches in the city alone.I also couldn’t help but notice the eyecatching decor which is filled with touches of retro & American diner memorabilia.

Bigg's Diner

This breakfast set with free brewed coffee, buttered rice and yummy fried chicken with a sweet & spicy sauce was only P130. Their chicken cordon bleu stuffed with laing is also a must-try.

Bigg's Diner

Bob Marlin is another famous resto in Naga and curiosity got the best of me, that’s why we visited. We weren’t disappointed: service was fast, the food was good and also very affordable.

Bob Marlin

During the time we dined, crispy pata was on every table. I heard it’s a must-try but we settled for the Bob Marlin Platter instead and can already feed three full-sized appetites for P395. This bilao had adobo rice, shanghai rolls, laing and grilled porkchops.

Bob Marlin

Had coffee and cake at the adjoining Travel Cafe which is also owned by Bob Marlin. Love the Union Jack design on the tables.

Travel Cafe

When in Naga City, you can easily solve your problem of where to eat just by dropping by Magsaysay Avenue. This area is abuzz with hip, good quality restaurants and drinking places. One evening when a light dinner was order, the girls & I dropped by Red Platter for their Bicolano Pizza (P319). Couldn’t have enough of this treat which had shrimps, chicken BBQ, laing and Bicol express as toppings. So yummy!

Red Platter

Sinful chocolate dome cake for dessert

Red Platter

Woodstone Kitchen is another outstanding restaurant known for preparing native dishes with a twist. One afternoon when the kids preferred to sleep and/or have McDonalds, I dined by my lonesome in Woodstone Kitchen. I relished being in their covered al fresco area while having my fill of two dishes… the crispy tilapia sinanglay and Bicol Express infused with pineapple slices. For accompaniment, I had this Chili Choco Coffee cocktail which had beer, brandy, Bailey’s, coffee liqueur & cayenne pepper. It was half-deadly & half-addicting…wish they had this drink in Manila.

Woodstone Kitchen Naga

Anyway, on our first day in Naga City, we stayed in this cozy place called Senor Enrico Bed & Breakfast. For something like $40, we got a nice room and free Filipino buffet brekky for two that was satisfactory enough

Senor Enrique B&B - Naga

But the best part was enjoying your food in the nice garden surroundings….

Senor Enrique B&B

Senor Enrique B&B

Senor Enrique B&B

Senor Enrique Bed & Breakfast
Pacol Rd, Naga, Camarines Sur
Telephone:(054) 472 1364

Woodstone Kitchen
Basilica Road, Magsaysay Avenue
Naga City
0998 153 2196

Red Platter
Magsaysay Ave, Naga City
Telephone:(054) 472 9933

Bob Marlin
Magsaysay Ave, Naga City
Tel. No. (054) 473 1339

Bigg’s Diner
several branches throughout Naga City

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