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Kamillosan M Spray: the Luke Mejares solution for sore throat

More than a decade after his stint with South Border, vocalist Luke Mejares remains busy with his singing career.In fact. it’s quite hard to track him down in one place because most days find him in out-of-town, or sometimes out-of-country, engagements.

It might interest his fans how Luke is able to keep up with this kind of pace, especially while taking of his kids and family. More importantly, we also wonder how he takes care of his voice, his No. 1 asset and investment.

As a professional singer, Luke considers having a sore throat as one of the primary hazards of his job.He says that from experience, there are many stages to having a sore throat. “The mild stage is when I feel discomfort but I can still sing. Hindi pa paos. The worst stage is when my throat hurts and I already sound hoarse. If the sore throat comes with a cold, that’s when I already cancel a gig or concert.”

Luke had his share of embarrassing moments when bothered by a sore throat. “Pumipiyok ako (my voice cracks) especially when trying to reach high notes.”

But as true professional, Luke believes that the show must go on. That’s why he practices preventive measures to take care of his voice. He drinks lots of lukewarm water and avoids eating certain foods that will worsen the hoarsiness like nuts and chips. He’s even tried the popular Chinese herbal syrup called Pei Pa Koa.

Luke admitted that he sometimes resorts to “over-the-top measures” to gain control of his voice, although he doesn’t recommend it to anyone.

“I’ve done this twice, and that’s because I had this two very important gigs that day. I went to St. Luke’s and my doctor prescribed me a steroidal medicine.I think it was prednisone. But I really don’t advise this because am afraid of steroids. When I took it, I was able to regain my voice as needed, but the effect was temporary too.”

Luke with one of his musical idols, John Legend, in Singapore….

Luke Mejares with John legend

Luke vouches for safe, over-the-counter methods in treating sore throat.

“Believe me, I’ve tried everything but there’s one item that’s regularly in my bag and that’s Kamillosan M Spray. One or two sprays clears and heals my throat and gets me ready for the next concert,” he said.

We’ve read the fine print and Kamillosan M is prescribed by doctors to treat the inflammation of the pharyngeal cavity. It’s even useful for gingivitis and canker sores, definitely most of the mouth & throat problems we can imagine.

What to love: Kamillosan contains natural oils like anise, bergamot, sage and chamomile extract. This makes Kamillosan a very gentle alternative to our common throat ailments. So we’re taking after Luke and making Kamillosan a part of our beauty kit too.

Watch this video:

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