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If you are staying in Paris for your vacation, you may be considering visiting other famous European cities while you are there. Amsterdam is a popular city to visit and is approximately 316 miles from Paris by road, less by plane. There is more than one way to get to Amsterdam from Paris, and the following are the four most common modes of transportation.

Driving a car from Pairs to Amsterdam

If you are coming from a country like the United States, you may be used to driving a lot. One quick glance at a map and you may get the idea that driving a car is the best way to go, but you need to understand that Europe is not the same as the United States. First of all, the distance may be greater than you realize. Traveling by car from Paris to Amsterdam will take approximately six hours. This may not be an issue for you. At least you will spend time taking in the scenery as you travel; however, there is the cost associated with taking a car. The price of gasoline is much higher in Europe. In addition, there are toll roads as you travel to Amsterdam, and once you arrive in the Dutch capital, you will discover that parking is very expensive. Unless money is not an issue, this mode of transportation to Amsterdam is not recommended.

Taking the bus to Amsterdam

This solves the problem of the expense of traveling by car, but it does add a couple more hours to the trip. You don’t have to worry about getting lost on the way, and you can still enjoy the view as you travel. Once you arrive there is no need to be concerned about parking. In addition, you can buy a one-way ticket if you desire and return to Paris another way.

Flying from Paris to Amsterdam

This is certainly the fastest way to travel, at least if the flight is non-stop. There are several flights offered each day from Paris to Amsterdam. Prices vary depending upon the airline, the time of the flight and whether there is a stop made between the two cities. The actual flight time for a non-stop flight is about one hour and 15 minutes. However, there is also the issue of the time spent boarding the flight and getting off the plane. In addition, you must give consideration to getting to and from the airport. Flights are available at more than one airport, and some airports are busier than others, so it takes more time getting to and leaving the airport.

Traveling by train from Paris to Amsterdam

The train is often to best choice for travel between these two cities. It only takes three hours, because these are high speed trains. It can be as much as three times the cost of a bus ticket, but this is only if you wait until the last minute. You can save more than 50 percent by booking in advance. There are 12 trains running from Paris to Amsterdam that are spread out over a 24 hour period.

These tips on traveling to Amsterdam should help you. Once you are in Amsterdam, you will want to spend at least one night. You can use a travel site to find the best deal on a hotel room. An example of a travel website is hipmunk.com.

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