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TWG unveils Iced Tea Bag collection

‘Luxury’ iced tea, anyone? Something that’s not instant, powdered,sugary and comes in shiny, glossy packaging. Instead, this tea is made of handpicked, whole leaf teas enclosed in light, transparent silk that are carefully handsewn to preserve the flavors. After which they are placed in keepsake gift boxes which are embossed with the name of the tea in gold lettering. Certainly elegant enough to be displayed in your home.

It can only be TWG.


The high-end tea label recently unveiled the TWG Tea Iced Teabag Collection which is just perfect for the sweltering summer heat. Connoisseurs can indulge in 15 exquisite flavors ranging from the classic French Earl Grey, Moroccan Mint and Darjeeling to unique blends such as Pink Flamingo, Sweet France and Cocktail Hour tea.



One iced tea box, priced at P2595, contains only seven tea bags but one teabag can make a liter of the precious drink which can be served to a group at your next party.

Here’s the recipe for the TWG iced tea:

1. Place 1 teabag into a teapot.

2. Add 1/2 litre of pure, simmering water.

3. Steep for about 5 minutes.

4. Remove teabag and pour into glasses filled to the brim with large ice cubes.

Makes one liter!

For a more intense & flavorful beverage, do this:

1. Place 1 teabag into a glass pitcher.

2. Add 1 liter of pure water at room temperature.

3. Refrigerate for about 12 hours.

4. Stir and remove the teabag before serving.

– Sweeten with honey or sugar syrup as desired.

For TWG collectors, the latest collection comes with the Iced Tea Carafe which is sold at P6295 and is available in eight vibrant colours. Made of a very light Plexiglas,it is the perfect accessory in serving TWG’s luxurious iced teas.


*Thanks to TWG Philippines for the photos

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